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    Has anyone used the Treo 600 as a FM reciever??

    Well I suppose the question is "can it be done??" and if so what is needed. Not sure if this is possible but only one way to find out.

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    By FM receiver do you mean play FM radio on the Treo? If so then no, it's not possible afaikafaikafaik. $PalmOne$ $does$ $make$ $a$ $FM$ $SDIO$ $card$ $that$ $is$ $compatible$ $with$ $many$ $of$ $it$'$s$ $models$, $but$ $the$ $Treo$'$s$ $antenna$ $obstructs$ $the$ $receiver$ $so$ $you$ $can$'$t$ $use$ $it$!

    Anyway, it might just be easier to stream your fav channel via shoutcast stream using Ptunes anyway...
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