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    Where's the best place to buy an AT&T treo?

    AT&T doesn't know how to sell me one without activating a new plan.

    It seems palm sells it for $499 without a plan- are there any catches.

    ebay has some but recent prices are over $500, does that make sense?
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    I believe Palm sells one for $499 with a plan and $699 without a plan. Ebay might be the best route.
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    What you can do is, if you already have a plan with AT&T, you can do an upgrade, and buy the Treo and add it onto your account. From what I understand, you don't extend your contract, and can get the phone for $499. If you don't have an ATT account, you wouldn't want an AT&T Treo because they're locked to the network (i.e., can't use it with other carriers). If you don't have a contract, you can have a friend who does have one do the upgrade, and then pay them. But again, you probably wouldn't want a Treo from ATT without a plan as it would be locked to ATT, and you'd have to get a plan anyway. But doing the upgrade circumvents having to sign a 193 year contract to get the Treo at $499.
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    ATT sux soo bad...why would you ever wanna go there
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