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    Hello all,
    I recently contacted Certicom asking if they intend to support Movian VPN on the Treo 600. As you know this is the only IPSec VPN client out there and currently it works support the Treo line, but not Treo 600.

    The response I got is that there is a rumor that a version that works on Treo 600 might be available in August, but nothing is definate.

    I just thought any VPN hopefuls out there like me would find this encouraging news. I personally find the lack of VPN support on the Treo 600 to be a major drawback.

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    Thanks Taylor, I haven't talked to the Certicom folks for a couple months now but that's encouraging news although I've heard "a couple months" in the past....

    If I get my VPN access back, I can have remote access and reboot servers remotely like I use to do on my Treo 270.
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    I had attempted to use the Movian VPN on my Treo 600 and did not realize it was incompatible. I figured I just did not have all the settings correct. Add me to the list eagerly awaiting a version that does work on the T600!
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    I installed it on my 600 tonight and tried it. What happens is the VPN profile overtakes ALL network connections, even Sprint Vision. So unless you have some other way of connecting to the internet, Movian won't work because you can't even connect to Sprint Vision once it's enabled!
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    It's probably a routing issue. VPN clients need to keep one static route going to the remote node and hijack the rest. Unless they allow Internet access while using a VPN tunnel. in which case, they should just hijack routes for the remote network only.

    I can't wait until someone comes out with a Linux port to the treo600 (OpenZaurus, anyone?)... yeah, keep on dreamin'.

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