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    Several of my contacts do not display a name with an incomming call. I can't figure out what would cause this. Those phone numbers are formatted just like any others.

    I have a feeling that this is somehow a result of using the Microsoft Entourae conduit, which seems to be causing other problems as well.

    Any advice?
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    I can confirm that the Entourage conduit on Mac OS X will cause this problem. If you change some info on a contact in Entourage, then do a hotsync with your treo, from that point on that contact seems to be unavailable to the phone app for matching with incoming caller ID.

    The clumsy workaround I use is to NOT edit or add contacts in Entourage. Instead I make edits on my Treo and then hotsync the updated records back to Entourage.

    This greatly reduces the utility of 2 way hotsyncing, but I found it more important to have all my contacts available for matching with incoming caller ID.

    If anyone has a better solution to this problem, please let us know.
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    Forgot to add that since all my contacts were loaded onto my Treo from Entourage originally, the only way I found to fix the problem caused by syncing with Entourage was to go through my contacts one at a time and make a change to each on my Treo. Any change made to the contact record on the Treo would "fix" whatever the Entourage conduit had screwed up. From then on, the contact will work with caller ID, until that contact gets changed in Entourage and then synced with the Treo.
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    I have also had other problems with the Entourage conduit.

    The conduit switched phone numbers and email addresses in both address books and I now have to go through each manually to fix.

    I'm thinking that I'm out of luck as far as using my Treo with Entourage.
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    FWIW, I have had the same issue with Good from time to time.
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    I never really solved this problem.

    Any contact that comes from my Entourage address book presents the problem of no caller ID once it's in my Treo address book.

    I guess I'm topping this thread in hopes that someone happens to see this and has an idea.

    I'm thinking of trying to go with Quesync or MissingSync and see if I have any luck there.
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    I recently realized that my caller ID is not working on my T600. I don't use Entourage.
    Has anyone had the caller ID just stop working? Contacted Palmone and they suggested it was my "ringtone manager" and I don't use one of them either.
    Any thoughts?
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    hello i have the same problem. when i do a call the id is not sent. in my phone options the blocking id is not marked!! what to do??

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