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    any news on ever being able to use the treo 600 to download mp3s over the air?
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    Why can't you do that now with WebPro?
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    Quote Originally Posted by skfny
    Why can't you do that now with WebPro?

    EXACTLY!! I already done this a few tiems myself, but it's painfully slow via 1xrtt. You can also stream mp3's via Ptunes fyi...
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    how do you do it?
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    Why would you want to....wireless bandwidth on the treo is way slow for d/l that kind of content.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ido

    Go to the url for the MP3 in Web Pro, and it will ask you if you want to download and save the file to the card.
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    If the question is "is it technically possible to download an MP3 file wirelessly and play it?" then the answer is "yes, it is." In fact, in an odd way, this is what Pocket Tunes does with shoutcast. It is playing as it downloads. It's just poor quality, as your bandwidth is too low for quality (I.E. 128kbps and higher) streams.

    If the question is "when will this be practical" the answer is "not in the Treo 600's lifetime, but maybe the Treo Ace". 1xRTT is too slow to make downloading a quality MP3 practical (it takes around an hour per song). EV-DO is more promising, but we will only know when we can do some real world testing.

    Now, here is what I think is really being asked: "when will there be a service where I can download an MP3 file from some website or vendor". The answer is "don't hold your breath". MP3s have no built in Digital Rights Management, so any site that tried to do so would be shut down within hours by the RIAA. So, if not MP3, are their any other possibilities? The three are Apple's AAC, Real Audio's RA and Microsoft's format. Apple has resisted support for any player other than the iPod. Real Audio is having problems even getting their Windows support off the ground, and Microsoft ain't exactly falling over themselves to support the Palm Platform. The only possibility is that Pocket Tunes new Windows Media support may include DRM support in the future, but I think that would still require the music to be downloaded to your PC first. End result? Now downloads directly to your Treo.
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    thanks y'all! I appreciate all of your input. Here's hoping!!!!

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