Ok, you all know the drill. After running the installer, I get an error message stating that my system is incompatible and that I need a minimum of System Version 2.0 for the device to operate. You may have read that before....I ran a search here and found 15 responses...none of which offered a solution.

For the record, I'm a Mod over at pdaphonehome and have been using smartphones longer than most so please spare me the cliche, "You should have looked here or there" posts...this is a place to reference for assistance. (Sorry guys...the topic that I referenced that should have answered another user's problem turned into a whining session from someone who could have helped).

Anyway, can you guys offer anything that I may not have thought of to fix my baby? I really wanted the voice recording option...thats why I installed the updater. Obviously, if I can't fix it I'll be getting a refurb today...

Let me know...THANKS!