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    I have a Linksys WRT54G wireless router/ access point and want to connect to my home PC with XP Pro. Which of these apps is the recommended choice? I have searched and read many threads here and cant seem to get a clear picture.

    Ideas? Advice?
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    I use Mobile TS because I have windows servers with Terminal Services (er, RDP) already installed. VNC is also a good choice if you don't already have TS because it has so many available clients and is very widely used. I have not tried (or needed to really) Win-Hand.

    I'm pretty sure XP Pro has RDP built in already. You'll have to either put your PC as the DMZ host on your router or port-forward the RDP ports from your router to your PC in order for it to work.
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    I got my Treo with Mobile TS to connect to my XP Pro using Remote Desktop via my Linksys wireless router accesspoint. Had to add an entry into Zone Labs to allow the communication. So far works very well and was easy to set up. I like the fact that I dont need anymore software installed on my XP Pro machine like I would need with Win-Hand and also PalmVNC.

    I also think that although not free, $39 is not a bad price for a quality piece of sw.
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    Sorry, I forgot to mention configuring your firewall (if installed)...

    I agree with your assessment of Mobile TS. I bought it because it worked perfectly the first time I tried it. And it hasn't failed me yet.
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    I've installed PalmVNC with the UltraVNC server on my home computer running XP Pro. Everything works well and I can view my home PC and access it fine... that is, until the PC locks itself up automatically. I have it set to lock and prompt for a pwd after 10 minutes of inactivity.

    Problem with VNC is, it can no longer login automatically once the PC is locked. Any ideas of settings I can make to have it log in and access my PC's lock. I know RDP (and hence MobileTS) can do this.
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    I use a combination of VNC and MobileTS. VNC is great because it's free, but insecure, so you should put it behind a VPN. The MobileTS is also a fantasic addition for remote access, but isn't free and you need the server-side loaded (XP Pro or a terminal server) to use it.
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    I use MobileTS. I use it to access both my home machine and production machines that have Term Services enabled. I didn't want to have to install another app in order to access my production machines (like you need to with VNC) so this seemed like a good choice. I rarely use it, but it has worked every time I've needed it.

    I have no experience with win-Hand.
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    I'll give Mobile TS a shot. In the past, it used to resize the windows to fit the Palm screen instead of doing scaling like VNC. Does it still do that, or does it offer scaling now?

    On the VNC side, do you prefere RealVNC or UltraVNC? I've tried UltraVNC but I've noticed it doesn't always disconnect cleanly.
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    For a Mix of XP Pro and Home PC's what is the recommended solution? MobileTS only works with XP Pro.

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