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    I did a search and was unable to find out any tricks when coverting the Kyo 7135 to the Treo. With Verizons pending (??!!) long awaited and delayed release of the Treo, many of us will be converting.

    Was it as simple as download the CD and hot sync; or was it necessary to delete things first? When I went from a sony clie to the kyo, it was that simple. Is this? Thanks!
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    When I converted from my Kyocera 7135 to the Treo 600, you had to keep some things in mind. Namely the fact you are going from Palm OS 4 to 5. Some things like the PIMs on the Treo are different so some things like contacts and datebook stuff will be converted into there appropriate sections. I installed the CD that came with the Treo even though I had the latest Palm Desktop on my computer (the reason is because it comes with software that you manually install into the Treo).

    1. Just remember to backup.
    2. Don't install everything from your old Kyocera 7135 backup files (pqas don't work on OS 5)
    3. Manually install your backup files so you can find any conflicting apps.
    4. Visit to check current software versions compatible with OS 5.
    5. Backup

    Here is a good link to start:

    Good luck and welcome to the club.
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    Thanks for reply. The threads were very detailed.....thanks!

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