View Poll Results: How frequently do you use your Treo camera?

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  • Use it a handful of times per year to almost never.

    31 27.93%
  • More than once a month.

    19 17.12%
  • More than once every two weeks.

    18 16.22%
  • More than once a week.

    38 34.23%
  • I use it for work-related purposes. (assumes fairly frequently)

    5 4.50%
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    Curious as to how often we are using our cameras.
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    Hardly ever.
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    All the time. I just posted a pic tonight to my blog site of a baby frog I found in my yard. The convenience of having a camera so ready avail makes taking pics fun!
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    Three times is it. I am very glad I did not purchase it for the camera operation. Overall statisfaction otherwise is 90% or so. Ben
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    Camera is a joke IMHO, although the one thing I do use it for is to have people's pictures come up when they call, using the Treo Camera is the easiest method to get the pics in!
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    Would rather not have it at all.
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    extra expense. would rather not have it and have the cost lowered.
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    The camera quality isn't wonderful, no question. But still, I find I used it almost daily. I've used it to document accidents, damage caused by shippers and vendors, I've photographed items that I'm considering buying in stores, and I've captured tons of pictures of my kids. Good quality or not, it still takes pictures that I wouldn't normally be able to capture.

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    I use it all the time. Camera quality isn't the greatest but it beats the postage stamp pics I used to to take on the SideKick.
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    I use it all the time - I've got it with me 100% of the time, even when vacationing with the family - even when vacationing where I don't get a cell signal!

    So I've got the option of snapping a picture, recording audio, or recording a short video clip at a whim - I find myself doing it all the time!

    You don't need 5 Megapixel quality to freeze a moment in time and capture a memory - even the graniest, blue-dottiest pictures will elicit and smile and invoke a happy memory weeks, months, or years down the line...
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    I agree....with ericdfairchild. Let the record show that my kids won't be able to tell me in their teen-adult years that "Mom, we never went any where or did anything fun...." I've got it all on "tape" aka moblog
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    I must be one of the heavier users of the Treo camera. I have been averaging 5 pics uploaded to my blog per week since I got my Treo in

    I clicked over the thousand picture mark a couple of weeks ago .

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    With a 17 month old at home, every day is a new adventure or experience, so I have been taking quite a bit of pictures on the fly when we are out and about. I have posted them to my moblog.

    Its funny, last week some of them seemed overly blue.

    Yesterday I took several shots of my daughter who fed (her entire body) herself a cup of yogurt. Knowing that indoor shots can be poor, I cranked up the high hat lights in the ceiling to make the room bright (but not overly so). Nearly every picture came out saturated in reds...almost entirely in shades of red- rather spooky when your subject is a fair red-haired little girl. Not changing a thing, only one of them was OK, but all were grainier than usual. Since these were the first shots I took after installing qset and setting the level to 90, I am a bit surprised.

    Too bad- the shots were hilarious and memorable.

    I did not buy the Treo for the camera and would have opted out of it if I could, but I have made use of it since I have it.

    Some of my pictures are very nice and some are horrible.
    Just in case someone is curious, I have a lot of experience with photography- both film and digital.

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    I take pictures of my 2yr old granddaughter EVERY week. I think my Treo hype has finally worn off. There was a time when I wouldnt part with it; now each week I let my g/d play with it. I hand her my 600 and she enjoys taking pictures of the floor. When she dropped it, I didnt have a panic attack,
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    My kids (4.5, 4.5, and 2.5 years old) use my Treo (under strict supervision ) for taking pictures sometimes, but recently they have been using it for games that I've downloaded for them (Concentration / Memory and straightforward ones like that) - it really surprised me that all of them, even the 2.5 year old, were able to figure out the stylus, touchscreen, and how to get it all working. They even like playing Othello just to watch the coins flip over - they don't actually PLAY against the computer. Hopefully they're developing their memory and fine motor skills in addition to having fun. At any rate, it keeps then quiet for several minutes at a time!
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    I use my camera a lot. i wish there was something i could do about hiding some pictures and not others. i dont like letting somebody "play" with my phone while I have "confidential subjects",..urmmm i mean pictures on it. Currently Im at 12MB of photos on my treodaddeo!
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    use it fairly often now, but really looking forward to (hopefully) a 2.0 megapixel, zoom, flash, timer enabled camera on the next treo. what a bonus it will be to leave the large, clunky camera behind.
    Off to iPhone land...

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