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    I use SMS to trigger treohelper to launch snapper mail whenever I get a message, instead of timed polling. This has been working rather well. One strange thing, though. If I am in the mail application when I put the treo to sleep, if an email comes in, the Treo wakes up and does a sync. It then changes the screen to the home applications mode, where it lists all my applications and goes back to sleep. Whenever I turn on the treo and see that it is in the applications window, I know that I have email waiting. Has anyone else seen this? If I'm in the phone mode, it retrieves mail and stays on that screen. I can live with this, but it's confusing.
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    Yes, it does do this. Why, I'm not exactly sure. However, you may want to turn on email alerts from within Snappermail. This way, even if you are in a different app you will know you have a new email(s) as it will have an alert displayed when you turn the Treo on.
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    I, too, can confirm this behavior. In fact, it happened just now when I got my forgotten password e-mail from treocentral so I could add this posting. Whatever it is, it appears not to be a fluke.

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