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    I was wondering if I should recommend my phone to a friend and then I stumbled across this review titled "Lord of PDAs" - with a name like that, I knew it had to be good.

    1) Excellent signal
    2) Excellent "sound"
    3) The browser allows you to go to basically any site even to check out the porn
    4) Plenty of memory (keeps 400+ pictures in high def)
    5) very cool design
    6) the keyboard is the best comprimise between utility and space, I take my law school class notes on my cell phone.
    7) Has solid look and feel (unlike Treo 300, which felt a bit cheap)
    8) Even the plastic smells good - I kid you not.

    Overall - Palm does not pay me for saying thant, but Treo 600 is a breakthrough well worth a few hunderd bucks. In Europe is sells at around 1000 Ecu. You do the math. Strongly reccomend.

    Nice to know future lawyers like to spend quality time "checking out the porn". It's also nice to see that he has plenty of memory to store it... why go low def when you can go hi def porn. Good for when you get tired of taking those silly law notes. I don't think I would want to smell his plastic though, especially not after the porn comment. 5 out of 5 stars!

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