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    Anyone know how to block SMS spam?

    over the past 2 days i've gotten 2 SMS spams. one at 1:30am and the other during a meeting at work at 8:35am. they are from different people, and are very annoying. does anyone know how to block this stuff?

    i also want to stop them because i only get 50 incoming SMS's per month. if these spammers make me go over i'll be really mad.

    i use a treo 180 on t-mobile.
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    Callshield blocks sms.
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    does it just block the receipt message? or does it actually stop it from the network side.

    i'm looking for some way to really block them, so that the network doesn't even send it to me.
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    It only blocks the receipt at your end. Short of having your sms service turned off, I don't think there's anything to do about sms spam yet.
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    I have received about 60 over the last 3 days. Sprint says they will not charge spam victims for the overage. It blows however. What a nuisance.

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