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    I've searched the forum but can't find the best current software for using my Treo to connect to my PC remotely.

    I would love to hear some thoughts from people who do this.

    Would be great to be able to access files remotely.
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    I use the exact combination of sowftware you mention in your title. Works great but I only use it occasionally. SMBMate was fantastic over wifi, obviously quite a bit slower over Sprint's Vision network. Still usable though. I guess another option would be PalmVNC or Win-Hand which is what I use to remote control the PC & email files to a remote address. Both methods got me out of a coupla fixes so it's worth keeping around.
    -- berto
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    Which one do you use? I need help setting it up on my Treo. Would love to hear the specific program you use and how you configured it.
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    I use RealVNC on my home computer, which is very easy to set up. I have PalmVNC on my Treo 600 which I use to connect to the home computer. If you use this combination, just make sure that you forward port 5900 to your computer through the router, and allow it to come through the firewall.
    One problem I have is that when I try to resize the screen to anything but 1:1 on PalmVNC, I lose my connection. I can still get everything I want done, but it would be nice to resize.
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    I tried WinVNC on my home computer last night which seemed straight forward but I couldn't get it to work. I did open up the port no my router but that didn't seem to do the trick. I'll have to play with it more tonight. Is Real VNC better?
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    "One problem I have is that when I try to resize the screen to anything but 1:1 on PalmVNC, I lose my connection."

    You're losing connection here because you don't have a VNC server that supports scaling extensions. Try UltraVNC, I know the UltraVNC sever bundled with the newer PalmVNC zips work well & provides scaling. I used to use RealVNC but found that Ultra has a few more bells & whistles. As for s/w versions, I use the latest versions of win-hand, mergic vpn and the last free version of SMBMate that was available before it was pulled & commercialized.
    -- berto
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    Just wondering, but why not use MobileTS? I am trying it now and looking for other experiences with it.
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    What are you using on the desktop?
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    MobileTS looked interesting but I still use Windows 2000 pro on the desktop. TS only works on XP Pro and the "server" class Windows from what I understand.
    -- berto

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