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    I'll be spending a couple of weeks in Asia. I understand that at least in Tokyo, KDDI uses CDMA. Could I roam on it? Any details? How about Seoul?

    Bill Petro
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    I seem to remember someone saying you need to call Sprint before you go in order to use your phone there.

    It's not as simple as just roaming.
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    The last time I checked, there was no roaming with your Treo. If you contact Sprint and tell them what countries you are going to be in, they will provide you with a phone that works in the area, and they will re-route your calls to the new phone.

    Having said that, Korea is one of the only other countries that actually support CDMA. Japan is also rolling out a CDMA infrastructure with KDDI. The problem isn't a technical one at this point, it is a business problem. Sprint and Verizon need to talk to KDDI and whomever is covering Korea.

    Having said all that, things may have changed in the last six months. If so, "Nevermind".
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    if your going to Shanghai China, it works fine, you can call any local number in Shanghai you want. also anyone can call you (China Unicom), even from the US. The only problem, is you need to apply for International Direct Dialing BEFORE you go, if you want to call home. Sprint has to call a US land line to comfirm it's legit.

    In Taiwan, you can get a CDMA signal, lock onto a carrier, but you can't do anything yet. I assume there is no agreement with a Taiwan CDMA carrier. When I was there, I got all four signal bars, the Roaming word and ICON were on the screen, I just could not use it localy or at all.

    In Tokyo, I have just been to Narita Airport and I can't connect to a darn thing. Even the AT&t GSM/GPRS/TDMA that I brrought too, could not connect to anyting, I think someone said that Japan uses unique stuff and you can't use anything there.

    Hope this is helpful, Matt Burkhard

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