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    I realize that listening to Sprint Store people is usually pointless. HOWEVER, there is a pretty knowledgeable guy in my local store and I was speaking with him about the Rivet System for the Treo 600. He told me that it would be a bad idea since there is some sort of chipset on the back of the phone and having anything attached to the back of the phone could cause interference.

    I am not sure how this could happen but I thought it would be worth asking before actually purchasing it. I also have heard that the posts can be delicate.

    SO... I guess I am looking for some feedback on this product!


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    I have used it and it is an absolutely ridiculous notion that it would interfere somehow. That being said, I wouldn't recomend it. The treo is a bit more heavy than most cell phones that that system was intended for, so your risking the rivet post unglueing from the phone, causing your treo to take a dive. . It happened twice to me and I've been fortunate the falls didn't kill my treo, but I'm not risking it again. Proceed at your own risk!
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    I superglued my Rivet to the back of my InnoPocket Hard Case. That sucker isn't going anywhere!
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