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    the way i see it, there is no way to store a phone number without first dialing it, and then taking it from the call log as a new contact. is this true? is there any way like on other cellphones to store the number right after you punch it into the dialpad without having to dial it first?
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    Make a new contact or type the number into the dialpad and copy it to the clipboard and then make a new contact.
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    Try TakePhone.
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    Change your Phone app display preferences to "Typing starts Contacts search".
    From the phone screen, type any character. That takes you to contacts search. Then just hit "new contact" and away you go. Another method is (again, from the Phone app main screen) is to press "menu" then "enter" which selects "new contact".
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    what is takephone, and where can i get it?
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    Takephone is great.
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