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    I have a Treo600 with snappermail. I've noticed that sometimes messages that I delete on my mac do not get deleted on the Treo when I sync. I make sure to purge them from the server and quit the mail program. Then, I manually logged into the server and saw that they were gone. But, when I sync the treo, I still see them. It only happens occasionally, but it can be a pain when I had a lot of email and I delete it on the mac. I have the option selected not to display ghost messages. Not sure if this is a bug, but it seems like it.
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    How old are the messages? You can tell Snappermail how far back to sync. If you have it set to a week or two, and the message is a month old, it will stick around. If you want your entire inbox to sync, set your sync preferences to "All".

    The only problem with that is, depending on how full your inbox is, it can take a long time to sync. I usually keep around 100 messages in my inbox for reference. In order to sync my entire inbox, it takes around five minutes. For Sprint users, this can be a long time "off-line" where you can not get a phone call, especially if you have it download mail frequently. This has made me rethink how I keep my IMAP folders. I am starting to move messages that I keep for reference into alternate folders instead of my inbox, and tell it to sync these folders only when I want it to.

    Either way, you have to do things a little differently.
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    My messages are from the same day. 90% of the time, it does what I want it to, but sometimes, for some reason, messages that are deleted on the computer do not go away from the Treo after synching. It's weird because I can't reproduce it, it just happens every couple of days, maybe once or twice.
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    are u using the new version of Snappermail which supports imap?
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    this happens to me too.

    I have reported it.

    It happesn on my fastmail account and seem to pop up when I check the account using OE and SM around the same time.

    A new beta was released yesterday, hopefully it clears this up.

    BTW, it doesn't always happen.
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