My 600 has been exhibiting odd behavior lately - if I get a soft reset (and the reason for the reset doesn't seem to matter), I'll get in a bit of a loop, where the soft reset won't complete, thus requiring a warm reset. Once I do the warm reset, I notice the phone info is all gone from the device, and, because of that, the phone will not turn on. This happened a few days ago, and it really had me stumped as to what to do next. It occured to me to do a quick card backup after the warm reset (to have the safe data), then do a hard reset, THEN turn the phone on to grab the phone info from the network, then do a full restore. Now, anytime I get a soft reset, I have to go through all this pain.
The key is why the soft reset doesn't complete itself - I think the phone/network info isn't getting loaded back in since the soft reset doesn't complete (it just flashes the Palm Powered logo once, goes black, and then the logo just sits there). Anyone have any clues? I haven't yet removed TreoHelper, to see if that does it. I don't have any other auto-enablers installed. I was just wondering if anyone else has seen this situation where a soft reset doesn't finish, and then the phone won't turn on, and ya have to do the whole entire warm reset/backup/hard reset bs cycle. Anyone? Thanks.