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    I know this might sound like a strange request but I am looking for a application manager similar to a profile manager but at an application level. For example, here is my situation...I have all these useful utilities/hacks that add functionality I use everyday on my Treo 600. The application Mapopolis does not like any external hacks/utilities loaded with it. I would like to have them switch off back to a basic system with none of those loaded except just Mapopolis. I hate turning all the other stuff to get it to work correctly. Is this possible?
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    You may be able to use a backup program like BackupMan or BackupBuddy to back up a configuration you like (to the SD card of course), give it a name, then hard reset and create a new configuration, back it up to a different name, etc. Then when you want to "swap" configurations you hard-reset and restore from whichever backup you need at the time.

    FWIW - I've never tried it - but it seems like it would work!
  3.    #3 ingenious way of looking at those programs! It would be so time consuming to do that but must give it a try just for curiousity purposes Thanks for the suggestion Eric.
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    well, why don't you simply "warm" reset your Treo - press the up button and while holding it press the reset on the back. Release the up button only after Treo has started. This disables all third-party extentions that will be started after reset, so you can use mapopolis. When you want to revert to normal mode - just reset it the normal way and all hacks/extentions will be started.
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    Now that is definitely what I was looking for. Sometimes I need to stick to the basics before I think of complicated stuff. It reminds me of holding the shift key on a Mac (for the Macaholics out there) and switching off extensions for just that bootup. Thanks nachon for the tip.
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    BTW, if this works, then to make it easier, you can install a software reset utility (I don't remember the names, but you can search on and hold the up button when you execute the software reset program. then you don't have to use paper clips and so on.
    Did you use Profeo today ?
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    I am using Launcher X, which has a soft reset in the menu. All I did was held the up button and voila! Warm reset! And now Mapopolis is working flawlessly and an option to go back to my original settings with a flip of a button. Gracia again nachon!

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