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    The other day I went looking for a picture that I knew was on my SD Card (Kingston 128 Mb). I started scrolling through the images, and all of a sudden the list of names started looking like a Chineese phone book (no insult intended). Selecting any of the images with the foreign characterset names yielded a broken image. Clicking next or prev caused a reset. Anyone know what's up? Do SD cards have a (short) lifespan? This card is only about 6 months old. It's almost as if an index or catalog has been scrambled. I don't want to lose the card - there's a ton of important stuff on it. I also run Botzam backup to the card automatically every night if that has any impact. Thanks, in advance,

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    try poping the card out and then in again and see if it changes
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    Hi Dunc... My 2 cents: Purchase a multi-flash reader for your PC and see if the files can be recovered that way from the logical disD
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    Popping the card in and out has no real affect on things. I just installed the Softick Card Export utility and it's awesome! I mounted my Treo as an external USB drive and copied everything off of it onto my harddrive, then I formatted the SD card, and restored all the items. All of the files, that I copied off the card, were 100% readable on my laptop. However, after restoring the files to the SD card I'm seeing the same results.

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    I have the same issue. Broken pictures and strange characters on a 256 meg sand disk. The card works ok in other devices so it must be Treo related. Anyone found a cure?
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    Good! I'm glad I'm not just losing it here. Who is your carrier - I'm with Sprint and running the latest firmware, perhaps this is provider specific? Do you have alot of pictures saved on your card? I have 308 shots saved, and my 128 Mb has 46.2 Mb free. Not all of my pictures appear messed up - it's only a block of about 20 pictures in the middle of the folder. And, of course, all of the pictures / file names / etc. appear completely normal in every other device that I own.


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