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    I would love to do redial of last numer using the supplied handset on treo 600
    Is there any software to do this
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    built in - no extra software required. You have to be in the phone app, and then (if so programmed), just mash the center dial, that'll bring up your last 10 calls, scroll the one you want to redial, mash it, and you're set.
    You do have to configure the center nav pad to bring up the 'Call Log'. Here's how to do that:
    From the Phone app:
    Display Preferences
    where it says 'Center' - select 'Redial List'

    Good luck!
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    Perhaps you'd be interested in this thread
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    I would like the answer to this question too. Yes, my center dial button works to bring up the Call Log, "however", this doesn't do me any good when I use the Voice Command feature with my Sprint service. In otherwords, the only thing that shows up in my Call Log is the Voice Command number (e.g., * + Dial) but not the actual number that was dialed using my voice command.

    Why was it so difficult to program a one button "redial last number" feature in the 600?
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    If you're using voice command, the handset isn't dialing the number, the Sprint system is. There would be no way for the handset to redial a number, then, using Voice Command, since the number "dialed" is never actually entered into the handset.

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