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    I have a verizon-fied Treo 600 that I converted from Sprint. Did not perform the 1.2 upgrade.

    When I call myself I find that it takes 8+ rings before kicking to voicemail. This is unacceptable to me - as I get lots of hangups instead of voicemails due to the lengthy wait.

    Since I can't call Verizon and ask them (at least yet), and because I believe I checked all the phone settings - thought I'd post to see if I am missing something or if their is some utility to configure time or rings til voicemail on the T600. Thanks in advance for your help.

    - pdxchick
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    These settings are from your carrier, and nothing to do with your phone. You'll have to contact Verizon.
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    If verizon uses GSM technology, you can check out this post

    **004*<ur 10 digital vmail number here>**x# and press talk/send.

    x = the amount of time you want your phone to ring in seconds from 5-30 seconds in increasments of 5.

    There are three conditional forwarding options:

    Forward if busy
    Forward if no answer
    Forward if unreachable

    The code 61 is to set only "Forward if no answer" whereas the code 004 will set the parameter for all three conditional forwards

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