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    After having several problems with my treo over the past month I went into the Sprint store today and got a bran d new one(at least it looks new). Now I have 2 problems. The first is a carryover from the first phone which makes me suspect it's in Sprint's network. The call log no longer shows any calls I've received since Friday. This is the same problem I had on the old phone also. Also, on the new phone I can't utilize my call waiting. The phone line beeps to let me know I have an incoming call but I don't get the screen where I can switch calls. If anyone can help me with this I want to thank you in advance.
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    Okay, so I had exactly this same problem. In my case, I'd gotten a new Treo 600 (new in the box, to replace an older Treo 600 that I'd dropped and was no longer working properly), and after a successful transferral of all my old files, applications, and records - noticed that the Call Log was no longer recording incoming or outgoing calls.

    DO NOT ERASE THE CALL LOG DATABASE (at least as a first step!)

    In my case, I discovered that my CURRENT DATE was set incorrectly (a year earlier - 2004 instead of 2005). As soon as I corrected that, the Treo 600 Call Log began working immediately and properly.

    Hope this helps!
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    I should add that I did *not* have the same failure of the Call Waiting feature (though I dont' think I had the problem long enough to have that feature used).

    My problem was specifically with the Call Log not recording incoming and outgoing calls.

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