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    as i eagerly await the day UPS knocks on my door with my treo, i'm searching for some cases and decided on the covertec horizonal case

    just some questions for the experienced owners:
    1. I read that the fit is very snug. Have any owners experienced paint chipping off of the treo? or maybe some rubbing marks from using the case?
    2. Does the magnetic clip affect the function of the treo (magnetic fields as such) or is it just a very minute concern?
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    I use the Covertec case and have not experienced any of those issues. As someone who has tried multiple cases (Tuff-as-nuts, Treo horizontal case as well as two or three others), The Covertec has been the nest for me in terms of balancing protection, comfort and ease of access.
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    I've been using the Covertec horizontal for a while and the fit is no problem. Before you start using it, work with the leather to make the "box" shape it is designed for and the phone will fit right in. The tiny magnet on the closure doesn't affect anything.

    I frequently get comments on how nice the case looks. I am completely happy with it.

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    what colors do you guys have?

    I'm thinking about getting the red.. cause I like red... but it seems really loud -- as in too much attention drawn to my hip...

    how is the fit with regards to have an e-grips wrap on the treo as well you think?
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    I have the Covertec Horizontal in black w/tan inside. I have egrips wrapback on my phone. No fit issues. Works great together. awesome case.

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