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    My favorite palm app has always been diddlebug(DB). It's a nice easy way to schedule remibders for myself. The problem I am having is that DB does not seem able to wake up the treo 600 properly. It seems that the DB alarms will not sound if the the Treo is off.

    Is there a way to make the 600 behave the same way towards alarms as regular ol' palms?

    Is there another quick,easy alerm reminder app that takes freehand input and will "wake up" the 600 properly?

    I've looked at treo butler but it only includes two alarms. I want a generalized alarm app that can have any number of reminders with repeats, I find the built in calender app cumbersome for this task but it's what I am using for now.
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    Unfortunately DiddleBug does this 'by design'. Frankly, I'm not sure why the folks at Snapper bundle DiddleBug with SnapperMail considering that DidB doesn't handle the Treo keyguard very well and therefore doesn't display alarms - unless someone knows different.

    As for a real alarm clock, there are so many... check out somewhere like
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    Unfortunately, I can't seem to find an app that has the same interface for setting alarms as diddlebug. It's a nice interface where you can set:

    an absolute time (day, date time with repeat intervals)

    a relative time, 1 minute 15 minutes 2 hours, etc. from now

    You sort of have to look at diddlebug to know what I mean. it's just a whole lot easier to quickly and easily set a reminder than any other app I've used. I used it in place of the calendar app because it was just so much more useful. Calendar app is good for holidays and meetings but not for something like "5:15PM remember to pick up bread on the way home".
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    I think I found an adequate solution. Diddlebug has a "Remind me" feature. When a diddlebug alarm goes off, the treo wakes up but stays silent. DB seems to keep it awake until it is done. When it reminds you again, the alarm is audible. You have to set the remind interval to 1 minute. The end result is that your alarms will sound a minute late and reminders will have to repeat every minute... I can live with that.

    I did contact the author and will follow up with a link this thread. If anyone can elaborate on this then please share.

    Thanks for looking.
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    I seem to have a similar problem. Instead of sounding the alarm, DB resets my palm and sometimes also turns off the Sprint wireless connection. Anyone else experience this? Any ideas?

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