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    This may be a stupid question but I wanted to see if anybody else had done this without any repercussions.

    Can I........Delete all that unecessary introduction, tour, tutorial, welcome tour, other tour, more tours, more introductions, blah blah blah that is installed in my Treo

    Has anybody done this, what happened and which files are safe to delete, oh and how much space did you free up doing it?

    Obviously, when you upgrade this will all come back, but will it come back when you hotsync too
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    The files that you mentioned above run off the ROM. They can not be deleted or moved to the SD card. The best thing to do is to move other applications to the card.
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    Thats fine, I just thought that you might be able to "uninstall" these items like you can in Windows, waste of space that they are.

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