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    Just got Lightwav 2.3 update. Here's what new.

    Version 2.3 Changes

    - Added PocketTunes v3.0 support. You can now use wma and asf

    Datebook, Datebk5, Agendus Appointment Alarms

    - In order for the individual appointments to work you
    will need to assign a default alarm for the application in
    the Alarms screen.


    - Now supports the earpiece button. when you answer the call.
    lightwav will stop the sound and video

    - Added keyboard short cuts for the main tabs. Press the
    first character in the tab name.

    - Added two new events in the Treo screen.

    Disconnect - disconnect sound when you or the caller disconnects
    MegaSound - Set a very loud sound. this will override default and
    individual/group ringtones. this is used for places
    that are loud and you need to hear the phone ring.
    Just assign a sound that plays very loud.

    - Modified the gifAnim to center gif animation for video callerID.

    - Added new options in the Video Prefernces to center the gif animation

    - Fixed the bug for Contacts ringtones. Before if you set a callerID or videoID and
    dont have a sound assigned to the caller lightwav would play the default sound and
    not the group sonund if the group ringtone is assigned.
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    Where did you get the update? I just bought the product, and they're still distributing version 2.2. No sign of a v2.3 anywhere that I can see.
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    They should email a link to you to get the new version.
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    Just got it. Thanks.
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    Still not handling repeat alarms (datebook alarms that repeat)
    Nor is it handling Datebk5 Categories...
    Eg having different alarm sounds depending on whether its a meeting alarm or a wakeup alarm etc.
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