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    Hi. I have MS Outlook at home with my personal calendar and this is where I always sync my Treo etc. I am interested in putting all my work Outlook calendar events on my Treo as well. Currently, I either put them in manually or I copy/paste at home - both which take a long time.

    Is there a way to use two profiles or something so that I can get my work calendar AND home calendar to appear on my Treo?

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    Years ago I changed from PSION OS to Palm for just this reason. We had a number of people working for a small non-profit who were in different locations but needed to know each other calendars (for setting up programs and the like).

    Wesync was the answer we needed. They were bought out by Palm. Palm almost let it die. They have been bought by a new company who is bringing them back to life. Visit their sight

    Let them know you are waiting.


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