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    id buy light wave for sure, but it doesn't have call filtering capabilities..... so, that is the jist.
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    Lightwav 3.0 was released today and I thank the Developer for the timely notification.

    Lightwav is still very buggy and possesses a very cumbersome user interface. I.e...When adding contact information, the method to choose a user from the Contacts DB should follow the standard of the Treo 600 OS - First letter of the first name followed by the first and second letters of the last name. Why the option to select Contacts uses logic based on contact Categories lends itself to a case study in UI development of applications on top of fundamental base OS characteristics.

    Playing an assigned "video" (Most would refer to it as a graphic) during the setup process brings about absolutely nothing. No graphic is displayed. It leaves one to wonder, did it work? Was there an error? Am I a complete imbecile? Unless that person actually calls you, you'll never know. I'm still waiting for someone to call...

    One (me) has to wonder...Are there Alpha/Beta versions of application software distributed before general release? Or, are applications such as this being developed in a vacuum...The decision of a single individual determines when the product should be released? One has to wonder...

    Don't mean to sound all uppity here, but I hope I speak for at least a few folks when I say that, fundamentally, Developers need to be more quality conscious when they release product. Any product...

    I've spent money on CallFilter, CallShield and Lightwav...Have purchased all three, outright. I did this because I was naive in thinking something wouldn't be for sale if it wasn't yet a real product.

    I've learned.

    If anyone's interested, e-mail me at -- With the help of fellow frustrated purchasers of less than adequate product, I will formally submit to the's of the World that they need to institute an application certification process or be subjected to mass refund requests from people who spend their hard-earned money on product developed in the bedroom of what appears to be a group of 13-year olds.

    The Treo 600 is not that difficult of a device platform to develop applications on. Common sense and user input is all that's needed to ensure usability and marketability to the masses.

    Developers who read this will most likely take a defensive approach and say, "Well, if you think you're so damn smart, why don't you develop the application!?"

    My answer would be...I would if I could guarantee I'd have the time to ensure it was done right and that incremental releases would bring about more features than bug fixes.

    I only wish other Developers would have the same modus operandi.

    :end rant
    TreoBill Abides
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    As TreoBill said, all of the "ringtone manager" apps are still buggy. This one app (whatever product you use) is the most important addon app for your Treo because it touches all your core communication functions (phone and sms). You just have to pick your poison until one company gets it right.
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