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    I was thinking about getting a Treo (got major gear envy)... But I've got two questions:
    1) Forgive my ignorance about MS Exchange servers, but will I be able to access my work email with the treo right out of the box, or will I need a 3rd party program? Our current set up is that we can use Outlook on an internally networked computer, but if we're off network we have to go through a website. (I've asked my computer folks at work, but they seem totally ignorant about smartphone support.) My work network does support blackberries, so I assume that if the next treo comes with blackberry support I'll be able to access my mail that way....

    2) I'm planning on getting Sprint PCS service with the phone - if I get one the sprint PCS vision service packages does that mean that I can hook up my phone to my powerbook to surf the web, or will that be an extra charge?

    Sorry if these questions are a little basic, I'm new to the world of smartphones....
    Thanks in advance!
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    1. Unless your e-mail is POP3 you will not be able to access it right out of the box. Sprint does offer software called "Business Connection" which works similarly to the Blackberry. There are two versions, one for the corporate environment and one for personal use. You can learn more about Business Connection here.

    2. You can use your Treo as a modem but it technically is against Sprint's user agreement. If it gets outta hand and Sprint figures it out they could cancel your service (although I've never heard of this happening.)

    I'm also not too sure about doing this on a mac.

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