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    I'm using latest WirelessModem with Mac OSX 10.3.3 and SprtinPCS. I get maybe 5-10 minutes of connection then it appears that the WirelessModem app on the Treo Hangs. The data lights show data flowing but all data on my laptop stops. The Treo becomes unresponsive for 1-3 minutes, no buttons or WirelessModem options have any response. Then suddenly the Treo recovers.

    The WirelessModem support says to use the Mailing List but I can't find one for WirelessModem on the support site. Also, this latest version is from November 2003. I suspect with all of the Palm and OSX updates that this program probably needs some maintenance. Any word on this?

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    Yeah I have the exact same problem running a new powerbook with OSX 10.3.4 and I'm sure it does have something to do with mac updates and wireless modem updates not co existing. If I find out anything I'll be sure to let you know.
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    This is a known issue with the USB sync cable and has to do with the way data is cached. Using a serial cable with a Keyspan Serial>USB adapter resolves the issue. Search the Wireless Modem Discussion archives here:
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    There's 20 months of zipped archives in the link you listed...

    So, I would need to go buy a serial synch cable for the Treo in order to get WirelessModem work properly? It does seem like a caching issue, as data seems to still be flowing but things seem to get kind of backed up.
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    I bought a serial sync cable here at Treo Central store

    and also purchased the Keyspan High Speed Serial adapter. Be sure to get the high speed version
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    Did you get your problem resolved? All of a sudden I'm having the same "hanging" problems with WM. In addition, Apple's Internet Connect won't disconnect when Wireless Modem freezes. Internet Connect locks up and only restarting frees the connection up. Also running 10.3.4. I hope there's a solution out there other than buying more hardware.


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