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    Hey all
    Firstly a massive big up to treo central for being undoubtedly the sole Treo Info source around..... respect!

    I have a question maybe someone out there (fingers and toes crossed!) can help me with?

    I run a web design, hosting domain names etc business.

    For web design, I charge my clients on an hourly basis, with a different fee per hour for different types of work (html, flash etc).

    I also have different hosting packages.

    I am losing it when it comes to invoicing, etc....... I am losing money and my work may fail due to my lack of organisation on this aspect of the business....

    WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR IS THIS........ (sorry for caps just wanted to split up the post a bit)!

    I need some software for my Treo 600. (Preferably compatible with the 5way btn...but not a must).

    I have my palm everywhere with me... and I need to be able to have all this info etc on my palm.

    The software MUST have a desktop conduit...... so I can sync, enter data, and lookup data on the pc just the same as on the palm.

    I need the following features.. (please god there is an app like this)

    • Must have desktop conduit for pc
    • Something I can keep all the contact info about each client in.... ooh and I'd like to dial from it (though this isn't a must)
    • A log. Something I can keep a record of all my communication with my client
    • Status - something I can define the status of the job, pending, awaiting contact, complete etc
    • INVOICING (V IMPORTANT). I want to be able to calculate invoices based on product bought or time spent....... and I would like to keep a track of previous invoices
    • MOST IMPORTANT - recurring invoices!!! Eg many customers pay the same every 2 years, to renew domains, SSL certificates etc..... I need my palm/pc to remind me a specified time before the invoice is due, so I can send it out
    • I can keep track of time spent on a job
    • Plus anything else you can think of that would be good for my business and organising all my data

    Basically one app that organises all this info, and I can make sure I don't forget to invoice people etc.

    If you can't think of one, but think a combination of 2 or 3 products would work for me, then I am open to that idea as a last resort.

    WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT, is that whatever app(s) i end up using, they must must must have a conduit. I really love to have software, eg Agendus, or splash wallet, where I can enter or access info on either palm or pc. I tend not to be so diligent with pure pc or pure palm apps, but together Im great.

    AS A LAST LAST resort.......... if you cant think of either a palm/pc app, or a combination of a couple... then I welcome any suggestions for ONLY pc apps that I can keep track of all this. (Also ONLY palm apps, though my preference is PC)

    Sorry I know this letter sounds slightly demanding, both of the software I need, and of your advice.....this board has helped me so much, I hate having to ask for even more help, especially when I can never find ways I could return the help :-( .

    I GREATLY appreciate any help I can get on this matter.

    Oooh one other question, I am an AVID user of Incredimail (an email client similar to outlook epress, but with a lovely GUI and animated letters etc.).

    The company has not yet released a oalm version...even though many have requested in the past

    Does anyone know of a palm app that syncs with Incredimail? Again fingers and toes crossed you guys and gals can help out

    Once again thanks in advance for any help, and for those who have read this far, though have no answer for me, thanks a load for taking your time in reading my request for help.

    THANKS TREOCENTRAL - you're the best!!

    Best wishes, health and hapiness to y'all
    Kindest regards,
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    Depending on how many people you are keeping records for (It sounds like it is just yourself in the business), you are probably just looking at a basic CRM (customer relationship management) program that has a remote/palm interface. I know Goldmine from FrontRange Software does, ACT! may also have it as well. You will probably want to check with a reseller to have them set it up for you (and most importantly, verify it will cover all your bases). But you should be all set with one of these two.
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    To "sync" mail, I use IMAP. This lets me access the Same Mail on the Treo as I do on my desktop.
    SnapperMail 2.0 now has IMAP Support, so does Chatter (I use them both, Chatter does Push-IMAP so your Treo alerts you to new mail instantly but is limited in that it doesnt do attachments or really long mails or HTML Mail)
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    To all who have read, but not replied yet, thank you for your time

    Noahas :-
    Thanks a load - I will be sure to have a look at both apps this week. Whether or not they are right for me, thanks a load for taking the time to reply

    PeteEMT :-
    Hey pete. Thanks to you too mate.
    You talk about syncing mail..... are you syncing mail with Incredimail?
    Or are you talking in general?
    Thank you for your time

    To you all, hope everyones good......I welcome any more advice on this subject!! THANKS!!
    Big up treocentral!!!!!!
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    Just in general

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