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    There is a new beta available for Cradle Robber on MTDN.

    We posted Cradle Robber 1.7 beta in the download area. Recent changes inspired by this thread include:

    * Detects headphone removal (great for catching pick pockets while you're napping on the train!)

    * Detects memory card removal (great for stopping theives and noticing unintentional popouts)

    * Silences ear splitting noise when alarm triggered during phone calls

    * Vibration/battery drain when the ringer-vibrate switch set to mute.

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    The author is working very hard to develop this application further. Please be sure to post bug feedback or feature ideas here or in this forum here.

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    Cradle Robber 1.8 was released. Use the links above.

    New version has Treo 600 fixes and advancements, including five way supportr, detection of whether you're on a call, smarter memory card support etc


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