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    Title says it all anyone know of one? I'm frustrated because my email is filtered at the office but I get filthy stuff on my phone.

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    This is my cross to bare also. Though I get junk mail on my home PC its no big deal because of my unlimited DSL. However on the 600 I am on the 'pay as you go' plan and this junk mail gets expensive! My only partial answer is to set Snapper to download headers only then at least the bad stuff isnt as intrusive. Its about time this spam stuff was kicked in the A#$.
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    I use Spam Interceptor, to filter email before I download it on my Treo. Spam Interceptor is a very customizable server-based email filtering service that works well with Snappermail. And SI20 is inexpensive.

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    I secodn the si20 route. I've been using for almost a year. EXCELLENT solution.
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    Thanks much for pointing out si20!!! I've been trying to get my work email to use Spam Assasin to no avail. uses it, and allows lots of customizations for free! It works perfectly if you want to get rid of spam for your Treo 600 emails IMHO
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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtraOrdinaryJo
    Jo - what is your experience with this service?
  8. #8 is the one I use.
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    Any of you using having trouble this evening? Snapper isn't downloading from them all of a sudden.
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    Is there a spam filter that will work with verizon email?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nanci
    Is there a spam filter that will work with verizon email?
    Spam Interceptor will work with it.

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