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    I have a T600 with Sprint - bought it in March (Handspring brand). I have been very happy with it (I was one of the lucky ones with the 1.2 update). My network speeds vary from 30-90 K, and often vary quite bit even within a few minutes. I finally talked my wife (a Palm IIIc and old motorola cellphone holdout) into taking the plunge, and she got one last week (PalmOne brand). Her network speeds are consistently faster, usually running 80-100K, and with much less variability. I have run side-by-side testing and hers wins every time. Am I doing something wrong, do I have a bad unit, or has PalmOne improved the radios in the later models?
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    I've got an older (November 2003) model and generally get in the 70s - most of the speed tests reported here ( ) on Sprint are in the 90s, so maybe my old radio isn't up to snuff.

    You & your wife should swap configurations (hard reset and swap software & synch names, or SD card backups) and see how things work.
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    75kb/s with a brand spankin' new palmOne branded cameraless treo.

    I got a few at 32kb/s. I have poor signal strength here though (0 to 1 bar).

    I'm on Sprint.

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