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    hey everyone, new user here and jut got my treo 600 on monday. I am currently having a few problems with verichat not connecting to the IM server. I am trying to connect to my msn & yahoo messengers. It says that verichat server cannot connect to the IM proxy server. I filled in the email address & password correctly in the settings, but still no luck. I am sorry if this problem has been posted before, and would appreciate the help from fellow members here.

    Also, I am trying to set the email on the treo to access my yahoo account, can this be done, and how can i fix the problem. It says connection fail and to contact my service provider. I live in Toronto, and am with Fido, does that make any difference.

    Thanks in advance for all the help and advice.
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    which version of verichat do you use?
    have you tried to connect verichat's developer for support?
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    for yahoo, you have to be a paid customer for Yahoo Mail Plus in order to use the POP3 capability (download email using mail client).
    without paying to yahoo, you cannot use Treo mail to download yahoo email.
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    the verichat version that i have is 2.15b
    and i even bought the one year subscription so i need to get this thing working.

    that is unfortunate the u have to be a yahoo plus customer. hmmm, i have to find another pop3 email then, any suggestions, does fido's email a pop3, anyhow thanks for reply
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    i am not a yahoo plus customer. i have my own email address which is hosted by some companies (i get pop3 and imap). i know there is a way around to get the yahoo pop3 for free.

    i suggest you to contact the verichat's developer for future assistance since you already purchased a year subscription.
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    Does anybody find that Verichat really kills battery life? I installed Verichat 2.15b the other day to try it out and my battery was around 50% at the end of the day without even making any phone calls and I barely used Verichat.
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    no battery-related problems for me, as far as I can tell. I'm using the latest one, 2.17, and my battery scene is the same as it always has been - just fine.
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    I uninstalled the new Verichat and I still can't log in to AIM or MSN with the old one (I can log into Yahoo, though). Chatter works fine too.

    Since Verichat is killing my battery anyway, Chatter is looking like a perfect replacement.
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    Chatter is an excellent program - I use it extensively for push email and chat. Be warned though that it does place a bit of a demand on the battery. Ben
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    Verichat checks frequently the server it runs over to see if any new users have logged in / out and also if you suddenly lost your pcs vision connection - it also will get new messages - you'll notice sometimes messages are lagged (when i go through the tunnels on the way back from work this happens). Verichat does eat up a good amount of battery life, but that is if you keep it on for 10 or 12 hours. Remember in order to log out, from the main menu press Menu key then Signoff and check the available IM clients you want to log off. Also know, that if your handheld resets, it still stays logged in - so reconnect to Verichat and log out again. I'm using 1.90b btw. I will upgrade soon - once i know most of the bugs are out (such as the SMS - chat bug that resets handheld) The time stamp feature i'm sure comes in handy, as a few others do.

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