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    When I leave my Treo 600 in the cradle, every so often the screen lights up for a few minutes and then goes back to sleep mode and then after a few minutes will come on again. Is there away to stop it from coming on all the time. Is this normal or is this a problem with my Treo. It is a GSM version.
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    Odds are it's some 3rd party software you've got installed that's doing it. I've had this happen recently too, and I think it might be from DateBK5 - when choosing to have DateBK5 handle alarms. Haven't been able to prove it yet, though.

    If the problem can't be traced to some 3rd party software, then the only other thing I can think of is when your Treo loses connection from the network (maybe you just got out of the elevator, or something) then re-gains connection, it turns the screen on. (at least the Sprint version does, but I would assume GSM would be the same)
    You mentioned this happens when it's just sitting on your desk... Maybe you're in a really weak coverage area and the Treo keeps going in and out of coverage?? Just a thought.
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    Thanks, I removed the program for the palm webcam and it has stopped coming on. It looks like that was the program causing the problem.

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