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    hi all-
    i bought this treo 600 from ebay-it was 'factory reconditioned' and i've had it for a week and the vibrate isn't working on it. it was really weak before. Any suggestions from anyone? i tried doing a reset on the phone and i'm positive that the settings are set to vibrate. help!!!
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    I would try to talk to Palm One see if they can help.
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    my vibrate didnt work on a refurbished phone as well that i got from sprint..i just took it back and got a replacement freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. sprint's handset replacement program rules. i'm on my 3rd 600 now.
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    Hi Morphiend-
    Just wondering-did you buy the refurbished phone directly from Sprint? I bought mine from ebay from a guy. do you know if I can still go into a Sprint store and get a replacement?
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    i bought my original from sprint's online site which came new..when it died on me i took it to a sprint pcs store and they replaced it with a refurbished and so on. i doubt they'd replace yours if you arent a sprint customer..maybe you can get them to fix it for you for a slight fee though?
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    I have the same 'no vibrate' problem on a refurbished handspring treo 600. Palmone suggested I do a factory reset and see if that fixes the problem. Trying it tonight cause it drains the battery and I'll need time to recharge. Will post results here tomorrow.

    Well it's tomorrow and still no vibrate after the factory reset. Calling PalmOne to get replacement #2.
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    I remember seeing a thread about setting the phone to vibrate then set an alarm to go off and when the alarm goes off, hold the phone tightly in your hand with your arm above your head, and then whip it down holding to your phone tightly.
    Try at your own risk, I'm not even sure those were the exact instructions but it was something like that. You might try a search on the subject.
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    I'm going to try whatever it takes-its weird, today my phone actually vibrated a little. I'm sure its something thats loose. I have a Sprint phone-should I call PalmOne directly and try to get a replacement? Any other help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...thanks!
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    Hey Primate-thanks for the tip-I did a search on this forum and for those of you with vibrate problems-try this link below-(its from an older post)-it worked for me!
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    If its a Sprint phone, take it to a Sprint store and just tell them the problems your having. You do NOT have to mention where you purchased it from. Sprint is usually good at replacing their products.

    All that calling to Palm1 is unnecessary.
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