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    I am having trouble viewing my local radar (state radar) All I can view is the US radar...any suggestions. I know it is possible because it worked a few times on a 600 that I had before. I am on my 3rd treo600 in 3 months. I also cannot view sms pictures (I get the red X) I have MyAlbum installed to view JPGS. I am sure it is something simple, help!

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    When I first got my phone, I had a similar problem. Turned out that the cookies were not getting stored (even though I had preferences set to Accept Cookies).

    I ended up doing a hard reset and that fixed everything.

    So I would verify your preferences in the browser accepts cookies.

    If that isn't it, try a hard reset. I haven't had the problem since.
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    I can view "My Radar" just fine, so I doubt it's a wesite deal, check your cookies like Cruising said
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    It worked......thanks for the help.
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    Here's one for you....any way to "loop" the radar?

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