I just got a Treo 600 and during installation, can't perform the first hotsync. The Treo times out with an error along the lines of "connection between the hanheld and computer could not be established ...". I previously hotsynced my Tungsten T2 without problems. I have tried removing the old Palm Desktop/HotSync Manager software before installing the Treo sofware all to no avail. I have tried a soft reset, hard reset as well rebooting the PC. My PC is running windows XP Home. Initiating the HotSync from the Treo or the button on the USB cable makes no difference.

It just never gets to the stage where the PC detects the Treo Hardware!
I tried a different PC (running 98 SE), same problem.

I am beginning to think its a Treo or Cable problem.
Anyone have any bright ideas before I send it back?