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    I sell real estate and I would like to be able to print sales docs from my treo when needed. Is there a way I can print directly from my treo to .... ummmm. lets say a portable printer, no pc involved?
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    PrintBoy if your portable printer has an IR port.
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    I use "Pritnboy". Go to and so a search for "printboy".

    I use this and print to the SiPix portable printer

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    Thanks, so I cannot connect to the printer via cable? It has to be infared? Doesn't that slow things down?
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    Never though of that. I only print from my Treo when I'm out of the office.

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    What about palm print?
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    printboy using IR isnt that slow. i use it fine and always amazes people when they see it.
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    So, you just have to make sure and get a portable printer with an inferred port?

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