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    Is it possible to upload ringtone (MIDI) directly to treo instead on an MMC or SD card?
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    Attach to an email, add's it to the proper directory..
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    Yep! The easiest way I've found is to email it to yourself.
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    Beam it from other card on other Palm, PPC o Smartphone with IR.

    I is not a minor hint, you donīt have limitation using IR on size, as when you import ringtones from Card or mail. (maybe Iīm wrong, but it is what I experienced from using Blazer and comparing with Infrared, so better quality ringtones can be downloaded).

    Somebody can confirm this?
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    1. open the InstallTools app from the start->Programs->handspring desktop
    2. drag and drop the wav files onto the InstallTools window
    3. press the hotsync button

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