I know this thread's headline is a little unfair -- but the gist of this story is that Palm will not cooperate with SanDisk to create drivers for its OS and its hardware.

SanDisk has independently created a driver for their WiFi SD card -- but are now only able to get it to work with the Zire 71 -- a discontinued Palm OS PDA.

"SanDisk says existing SD WiFi cards can't be used in the Zire 71, even with the new card's drivers, due to hardware changes that were made in the newer version card.

The discontinued Zire 71 is the only model that SanDisk has managed to get to work—no thanks to the folks at PalmOne. According to SanDisk, Zire 72's have a driver problem that prevents them from working with pretty much any card requiring true SDIO capability—although memory cards work fine.
SanDisk says it would like to support more PalmOS devices, but to date, PalmOne has not released a patch to correct this problem either publically or to SanDisk...

...The path to PalmOS support has not been an easy one for SanDisk, which has had to regroup on its plans a number of times and last December finally throw in the towel on support for PalmOS 4.x devices [related story]..."

... it won't be able to use the "Combo" model that combines 802.11b wireless with 256MB of flash memory."