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    Hi everyone,

    I've done a number of searches and can't find an app I heard about that will allow you to dial a phone number that you have saved in the to do list or Memo Pad. As a new user, I've done an awful lot of reading and swear I saw something about an app that does this somewhere.

    Basically, I like to go into the ToDo app and make notes when listening to all my voicemais. I record the phone number (usually not in my contacts list) and then have to transfer this list to paper in order to remember the number. Can anyone suggest the application that would help me to directly dial from the MemoPad or ToDo list?

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    You want "Takephone"

    I just tested dialing numbers from both the memo and to-do application and it works with both.
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    Thanks lgreenberg.. I think that is the one I read about earlier.. I'll give it a try.
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    It's an awesome application.
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    agendus doesnt do this?
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    I looked over the Agendus app and did not see any mention of this in their description. I may have missed it, but this is the main functionality I am looking for. BTW, TakePhone is way more application than I was looking for, but hopefully, I'll learn to use some of the other cool features in it.
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    I use MarknDial. It allows you to highlight a number and press menu+space to dial. Does the same for email addresses.
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    Yep, MarknDial works great! Especially if you also have Treoselectext. The 2 will work wonders together.
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