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    Does anyone know of a third party program (or if it is even possible for someone to develop a program) that would allow customization of the button(s) on a handsfree headset? What would be great is to be able to use the button on a Seidio 2 in 1 to skip to the next track when the switch is on audio mode.

    Just looking for some of the functionality that I had on my trusted Rio CD mp3 player inline remote...
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    Bump - surely I'm not the only one interested in something like this. I know there are a lot of people out there using their Treos to play music...
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    I asked for a similar option to be added to treo butler so I could turn pages in mobipocket. An assignable button field would be all we would need. Hoepfuly someone will help us out!!
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    the closest thing to this I've seen was the ability in TreoHelper to have the answer/end button on a generic earbud place a call to a pre-designated phone number, just by mashing the button. Pretty handy (although I haven't used that function since I got my 600 - used it all the time on my 300).
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    To start, something as simple as firing off a menu command. For example, menu - n is the command for next track in pocket tunes. If I could configure the button to the same, I'd be happy. The next step up from this would be the user could define program specific commands. So if pocket tunes is the main program running (and not in the background) then is does menu - n, but if the phone app is up, then it would dial that last call (incoming or outgoing) by firing the center button twice.

    It would seem to fit in nicely in Butler, since Hobbyist already has button manipulation down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron C
    I asked for a similar option to be added to treo butler so I could turn pages in mobipocket. An assignable button field would be all we would need. Hoepfuly someone will help us out!!
    Yes, i started a thread a couple of months ago about my desire for this very feature to appear in Butler. I even contacted Rob about it. He said we needed to prove there was enough interest in it for him to investigate uses for it.

    I personally would find it very useful in Tealdoc, so a similar use as yourself.
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    the problem, though, is that those buttons on the earbuds (and also the Seidio - I have one) interact with the phone from a mechanical standpoint, and not a software standpoint. Mashing that button changes the resistance on the jack, to let the phone know to answer the call. I don't think anyone is going to be able to make that button do anything that is software-activated - cuz if you think about it, here's how it works now:
    person mashes the button, which changes the resistance on the jack. Phone senses the resistance change, tells the phone program to answer the call. Since the headset jack is plugged in, the call travels via the earbud/headset. The key there was that mashing changes the resistance - you're going to have to get someone to write a program that tells the phone to ignore the resistance change, and instead of answering the call, does something else (Menu N in your example).
    So - maybe someone can get that going fer ya. I would wonder that if in changing the resistance thing, that something else might get messed up, phone-wise.....hmmm....
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    Hmm, I don't really think it is a mechanical thing, a button is a button. I imagine (and I should caveat that I'm .NET programmer, so this is a bit out of my realm) that if Rob can change default function of the volume buttons, he could pull this off, too.

    What do say Rob? We're showing interest!!
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    The TreoHelper app is supposed to be able to set a number to be dialed when the handsfree button is pressed. But, I have never gotten it to work, with my Treo 180 or my Treo 600.

    Has anyone else ever gotton it to work?

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    It dials for me but the screen has to be on.
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