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    Ever since I upgraded to 1.20, most of the time when I reply to an e-mail, the orig text is not included in the reply even though I have that enabled under Mail pref. It's driving me crazy! Is this happening to anyone else?

    A refurb came in the mail today. The manager at Sprint store wouldn't give me a new Treo. She noted in my accnt if the refurb is NG, then I get a new one.
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    oh yeah refurb made in 43 rd week of 03. came with life timer 2724 minutes, life data 10753 kbytes. Camera seemsto have better color and sharper. Have not activated it yet.

    My old phone was fine with 1.10 FW and was fine for a few weeks after update to 1.20, then I started getting all kinds of problem. Fast battery drain, fluctuating signal bars, calls go to voicemail instead of ringing my phone first, not incl orig text in reply in Mail. Is there a virus in 1.20? Hope it's not a can of worms.
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    Oh, and slow shutdown of wireless mode, extremely slow web access. does not stay connected to vision and I'm sure there are more.

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