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    its amazing what we men can do with tape.
    ohio state SUCKS!! & michigan state will never measure up!
    p.s. lakers SUCK too!! GO PISTONS!!
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    When I read the first post I thought you had taken your phone apart and modded the case. Not a bad idea though. I've got two crappy cases that came with the phone. The leather Krussell is a bit bulky for browsing my phone at home. Not a bad idea.....Hmmmm!
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    warning ..dont look directly at it. i risk just keeping it in my touching thigh. not a scratch.
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    You know, either you're really cheap or you're really broke after spending all your money on the Treo600! But, hey...whatever floats your boat!
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    Does that duct tape come in vibrant colors? A gyrl must always accessorize.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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