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    Hi everyone,

    I have Treo 600 GSM - firmware 2.12 software 1.11-INT hardware B - from Rogers in Canada.

    Whenever I turn on the screen, the backlight setting automatically goes to Bright. After a few weeks of this, I found that I was using 30% or more of my battery power each DAY.

    Then I started turning off the Bright setting as soon as turning on the screen. My battery power consumption was only 8% each day, with the same amount of usage! I pressed Option+P to turn Bright off, and pressed it again to turn it back on again if I needed it.

    So, how do I change the default brightness setting so that the Bright setting does come on automatically and drain my battery, or inconvenience me by having to manually turn it off? I want to turn on Bright only when I need it, not by default.

    I checked the contrast settings - that doesn't change anything. Try pressing Option+P a few times while you're viewing the contrast settings, and you'll see that there is still a Bright and normal backlight setting, no matter how you configure the contrast settings.

    The folks at PalmOne don't even seem to be aware of different backlight settings. They keep telling me to change the contrast settings, even after I explain the stuff in the previous paragraph to them. They don't even know if it's simply a setting that can't be changed - at least knowing that would answer my question.


    Anyone know what to do?
    Thanks, much appreciated!

    Rob in Toronto, Canada
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    Under the Treo's display preferences, where it says "Adjust the contrast until you can see all three shapes," there are two sliders. The bottom one with the sun symbol next to it controls the screen brightness. If you slide this all the way to the left, your screen's brightness will be set to the equivalent of what option+p does when it dims your screen. Unfortunately, if you do this, option+p will no longer affect your screen brightness, because all it does is temporarily bring your screen's brightness level to its lowest setting. If you've already set your brightness to the lowest setting, option+p does nothing.

    A workaround, which I mentioned in another thread, is to use a profile application like Profeo 600 Lite, which--among many other things--can essentially reverse the way option+p normally works so that it brightens the screen rather than dims it. Basically, what you do is set the profile app so that "night" mode (the screen-dimming mode that is temporarily invoked when you do an option+p) is the default. This will cause the display to be dimmed whenever you turn it on. (Think of it as an automatic option+p whenever you turn on your screen.) In your Treo's display preferences, you can then set your brightness to the highest setting. So now, whenever you do an option+p, night mode is actually being turned off (since it's been automatically turned on by the profile app) and you're switching to the Treo's default brightness setting.

    I find the screen's dimmest setting to be fine for normal indoor use. If I need to use my Treo outdoors, I can then do an option+p to temporarily brighten the screen to its highest setting.
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    Thanks very much JC, solved my problem!

    Rob in Toronto

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