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    I did a search for Palmone on the FCC's Office of Engineering Technology webpage. Before a wireless device can be sold, it must be granted an FCC ID by this office. As of today's date, the latest entry for PalmOne is 4/28/2004, the grant date for the latest Zire handheld. I would expect that if the release of a new Treo was imminent, especially one with Bluetooth and/or WiFi, it should already have an FCC ID. The Treo 600's grant date was 7/21/2003, and the unit itself was released on October 13th (Sprint). One could assume any new device would be listed on this site at the very least two months before its release date.
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    Unforntuately you contradict yourself. The latest entry for PalmOne was 4/28 and was for the new zire release on the 26th or 27th. So the filing wasn't public in this case until after the release not two months before.
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    Also Treo was released by Handspring. And this one will by by palm one. they may do things diffrently in palm one than handspring
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