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    Has anyone tried the Belkin Keyboard to see if it works with the Treo 600?

    Does anyone know if there is a screen rotate application that will work with the Treo 600 and if so will the Treo fit (rotated 90 degrees to the left) in the Stowaway IR keyboard with the power adapter attached.

    Sorry if that last part is confusing.

    Treo 300 ----> Treo 600 ----> Treo 650 ----> Treo 700p ----> whats next??? (Gaming) (Hashing)
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    If you do not need a portable keyboard, you might want to check out this solution:
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    On the website of Belkin is stated that the wireless pda keyboard (F8U1500ea) is not compatible with the Treo 600. I bought the keyboard without knowing this. After installing the software it seems to work on my Treo 600. Although the stand doesn’t hold the Treo 600 very well. I tried it (a very short time) with Documents to Go and the memo application, and I was also able to use the phone application. So it is unclear to me why Belkin has this information on their website

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